The perfect crime (Story)

His profession as a chemist in a private laboratory has given him the opportunity to do experiments that are not related to his daily work.

Hate fed for years has been the perfect stimulus to develop a plan to kill people who have transformed their gender into a kind of psychedelic carnival where virility has been to public derision.

He suffers from a transphobia that he cannot and does not want to control and has named himself as the avenger who will eliminate from his city all those who usurp his status as a man by dressing up as women or pretending to be these.

It has achieved a substance as potent as tetrodotoxin, which when ingested is able to paralyze and kill a human being in a few minutes, leaving no trace of the toxin in his body and therefore impossible to detect in an autopsy.

The coroner will determine that the person has died of respiratory arrest or a heart condition, so it will not be taken as a homicide.

He has already planned everything, he will inject the poison in the bottles of mineral water that will be distributed to an exclusive club for this type of people and everyone who ingests it will die.

But he will only place it in a bottle every fifteen days so as not to cause suspicions, emulating a Russian roulette, that will cause that in one year, 24 of those undesirable beings will move to the neighborhood of those lying down, also called cemetery.

It will be all simple, as the laboratory where you work is responsible for certifying the purity of the water that is packaged in these containers.

Life is a pandora’s box.

He never thought to be at some point of his in the place where he could unleash his lower instincts.

It will be the perfect crime.

No one will suspect a common employee who for years has only done secondary work and whose private and professional conduct has been impeccable.

He’s quite an example of a good citizen, with a wife and children, who has never violated any law.

A candidate excluded from any suspicion if he ever existed.

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